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Rainfall In Zambia 2019-2020 Season

The 2019/2020 Rainy Season Forecast Ministry of Transport & Communications Zambia Meteorological Department

Rainfall is expected to be normal to above average in some areas, although there some instances areas where dry periods to be expected.

GrowPro works with nature to handle these conditions

When rainfall is above average it can wash your fertilizer away rendering your application useless you either re apply or suffer lost revenue from smaller crop.

GrowPro encourages the roots to create crevices and pathways to disperse water as nature intended so can alleviate run off by making your fields more porous.

GrowPro sticks to the root system multiplying to work with your crop for the entire growing cycle it will not wash away.

Some areas will see dry spells and we know prolonged dry spells can severely affect your crop as chemical fertilizers encourage shallow root systems and are easily effected in times of dry spells.

GrowPro encourages the root system to grow much deeper to access moisture deep below the ground to access natures own irrigation system so GrowPro turns your Fields into a drought tolerant zone

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