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"We care about AGRICULTURE, CLIMATE CHANGE, THE FARMER and most importantly, PROFIT for the entire value chain.

We provide farmers with a gateway to a SUSTAINABLE future, utilising natural ingredients which have been here all along."

WellCrop Global are a microbial technology company developing microbial crop solutions for the agricultural industry. We identify the optimal collection of microbes and nutrients to produce high quality inputs and crop care products, creating sustainable farming practices, as well as helping the environment.

WellCrop Global are committed to improving the productivity and profit for farmers, providing affordable and chemical free products. We work closely with certified NGO’s and Co-ops to ensure farmers receive a service which matches the quality of our crop solutions.


All of our products are produced under strictly controlled parameters, in collaboration with a team of highly qualified scientists.

We have over 20 years of farming experience across the globe, with offices based in Mozambique, North America, London, SA and Netherlands.


Currently farmers rely on traditional chemical fertilizers which are expensive, inefficient logistically and have adverse long term effects on yields, soils and the environment. With an estimated 9 billion global population by 2050, the world needs a climate smart alternative which allows farmers to grow more and grow sustainably.


WellCrop helps farmers realise the potential of carbon sequestration in soils, the realisation of turning world soils into sinks for atmospheric CO2. 

Storing the carbon contained in organic matter within the soil is one way to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (in this case carbon dioxide). For further information see: soil organic carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.



As freight transport - whether by air, land or sea - relies heavily on fossil fuel for propulsion and is still a long way from being able to switch to cleaner energy sources, it is one of the hardest sectors to decarbonise. 

We reduce the footprint for the Agricultural sector by replacing heavy, bulky inorganic additives traditionally used in both organic and inorganic agriculture with our lightweight product. 


Example: 200 hectares of land would traditionally use 80 tons of inorganic fertilizer equal to 8 x 10 ton lorries. With our product, 200 hectares of land would require 1000kg, equal to just 1 light weight pick-up truck.


WellCrop products are chemical free and non-GMO. It has a positive impact on GWP. Below is some information on inorganic fertiliser:

“We assume an application of 300,000 metric tons of fertilizer, of which half is in the form of urea with 50% N and half in the form of inorganic NPK with 30% N. This would equate to roughly 45,000 metric tons of N from NPK fertilizer and 75,000 metric tons of N from UREA. Using IPCC emission factors for N2O emissions this would result in 1200-3600 metric tons of N20 per ton of N, which when converted to units of nitrous oxide (multiplied by 44/28) and then to carbon dioxide equivalents using a greenhouse warming potential (GWP) of 300 would be 565,714–1,697,143 metric tons of CO2” Leslie Lipper, ‎Nancy McCarthy, ‎David Zilberman - 2017 - ‎Business & Economics


Using WellCrop products will increase ground water available by up to 30%, a major tool in the fight against drought conditions. In fact the microbes will continue to multiply exponentially and remain living in both layers of soil. At the time of drought, they provide support to plants and rhizosphere with their hormones and water retention capacity. 


Sustainable farming is important to us and that's why training forms a key part of our daily activities. We host comprehensive field days and training days, teaching farmers all about our products, how to use them and how to become sustainable farmers who can increase their profits, whilst restoring their soil.

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