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Everything You Need To Know About GrowPro...

1. Storage?

Due to our unique manufacturing process, our products can be stored unopened for up to 2 years.


GrowPro comes packaged in a 5kg box with 5 x 1kg packets inside. This box serves 1 hectare of land for a crop season. Once a 1kg packet is opened, all of the contents must be diluted straight away to avoid contamination.


2. Application Per Hectare?*

1. After Seeding, dilute 5 x 1kg packets of our product in to 200 litres of water.

2. Use directly after dilution as the water will now contain active microbes.

3. Apply to the soil before sunrise or after sunset via drip irrigation or drenching.


*Please note that for an acre of land, you will require 2 x 1kg packets.

3. Do WellCrop Products Help With Water Retention?


1. Yes, our products help the soil retain water, leading to a water saving of up to 30%.

2. Water retention increases because the microbial activity of our microbes in the soil increase the organic carbon and other organic content.

3. Organic carbon and other content increases the water retention of soil over time.

4. Would A Drought Effect Or Kill The Microbes?


Far from it, the microbes will continue to multiply exponentially. And remain living in both layers of soil. At the time of drought it provides support to plants and rhizosphere with their hormones and water retention capacity.

5. Do The Microbes Harm Those Already In The Soil And Upset The Biodiversity?

Not at all, they are natural strains of microbes collected from natural soil of forests and we maintain the natural genomics in the laboratory so they will work with existing microbes to generate a far greater community in the rhizosphere, creating very strong, reliable soil. This will help the plants to access the nutrients already present.

6. Will The Product Have A Mining Effect On The Soils Nutrients?


No, our soil testing shows that your soils will improve dramatically, becoming more fertile and rich of nutrients  year on year. Our microbes also increase the level of natural plant hormones in soil over time (by extra cellular secretion).

7. Will The Microbes Have A Negative Effect On The PH Levels?

No, in fact the use of our microbial soil enhancer will balance the PH over time creating optimum balance.

8. Does WellCrop Work On Sandy Soils?

Yes, it will work on sandy soils providing you apply our product with manure until the soil returns to natural health. At this point you can you use our product as normal. The soil will be tested and certified by our agronomic team.

Also we are working on adding silica solubilizing microbes to the product in the near future. This will allow for better control of abiotic and biotic stress in sandy soils.

9. Till Or Not Till?


As per research done by many different organizations, no till is very beneficial for micro-flora of soil.


Whilst WellCrop doesn't require tilling, if you insist on tilling your soil, we recommend secondary tilling only for best results and for long term effects for the next crop season.

10. Microbe Count In GrowPro?


We have the following viable count for each microbe inside the packing:

Biological nitrogen fixation bacteria: 5*108 cfu/gram

Phosphate solubilizing bacteria: 5*108 cfu/gram

Potash mobilizing bacteria: 5*108 cfu/gram

Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza: 0.5*103 ip/gram                                  

11. What Happens To The Microbes When Farmers Harvest Their Crops?   


Some of the microbes get taken out with the plants, having formed a colony around the root ball and other microbes in the soil remain alive in the organic layer and top soil layer. Many of these microbes die during the harvest process when they are disturbed, exposed to direct sunlight and the soil loses moisture. Therefore the microbes need to be replenished in the soil so that nutrients can continue to be unlocked for the new planting season. Applying new microbes via WellCrop every planting season ensures the soil remains fertile and alive. This is necessary for continuing the natural cycle of nitrogen fixation as well as unlocking the other nutrients in the soil.

12. What Replenishes Nutrients In The Soil?


Nutrients are replenished by certain different microorganisms that are found in the soil or also by the death of certain plants. The decaying plants tend to slowly break down into the basic soil nutrients over a period of time.       

13. Can You Use Chemical Pesticides/Insecticides With Our Products?


You cannot mix chemical pesticides or insecticides with our product at application point as the chemicals will harm the microbes and kill them. However, 5 days after application of our Organic Soil Enhancers you may use chemical pesticides, herbicides and insecticides as our microbes will have moved in to the second layer of the soil and will increase their population, meaning the application of these chemical products will not have the same effect on them.


For the best results and for organic certification, we strongly recommend using our alternative range of chemical free pesticides/herbicides/insecticides which will work in tandem with our WellCrop product, including army worm control.


It is also important to note that as our products increase the health and fertility of the soil, they increase the natural defences against crop disease and pests. This greatly reduces the amount of pesticides/herbicides/insecticides needed. They also eliminate soil erosion.

14. Can You Apply Chlorinated Water?


When diluting or with irrigating crops, you CAN use chlorinated water with the product providing the water has been standing for over 48 hours in an open container, to allow chlorine gas to disperse.

15. How Is WellCrop Different?


Our unique manufacturing process leads to a much higher microbe count in WellCrop products and subsequently higher effectiveness compared to other products. All WellCrop products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility.


The way we package our products also creates much better efficiency and low rates of contamination when compared to other products.


We also supply our products at a better price point and provide an ongoing agronomic service, with soil testing/analysis and contact with our scientists to make sure our products deliver for our customers.

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