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WellCrop: Increasing Maize Yields By 40%

WellCrop products can increase the yields for Maize dramatically

Over the years, many farmers have asked the golden question "How can I increase maize yields?".

Well thankfully, Zambian Farmers can increase their maize yields this season very easily, by using WellCrop's GrowPro Organic Soil Enhancer to yield a minimum of 35-40% more maize.

Long term tests on the WellCrop product have shown that users can expect substantial yield increases. In a report submitted a couple of weeks ago, scientists at the Zambia Agricultural Research Institute noted that the product achieved excellent results despite having to deal with drought conditions (35 continuous days without rain) just after planting. The crops were planted and monitored at the Zambia Agricultural Research Institute, Mount Makulu Research Station,

An excerpt from that report reads: "Maize and soybean were used in the study to determine plant responses in terms of grain and other yield components, if Wellcrop is applied as a sole amendment or in combination with inorganic fertilizer. The results show that when used alone or in combination with inorganic fertilizers, Wellcrop’s contribution to maize and soybean grain yields ranged from 50 to 131%."

The study concludes by observing that whilst sole application of the product can impressively enhance yields, even greater returns can be obtained when it is applied in combination with inorganic fertilizers or manure at reduced application rates (15 % of the recommended rate).

In conclusion, using Wellcrop products will give farmers a massive Kwacha per hectare

advantage over traditional fertilizer per hectare and help create a drought resilient soil structure. It will preserve and rejuvenate the soil nutrients rather than destroying organic matter with toxic chemicals. With GrowPro organic soil enhancer, the farmer becomes a beacon for climate smart agriculture.

Zambian farmers will be the first to see GrowPro available in their local agrodealers, as the product officially goes on sale within the next 3 weeks. Farmers and sector workers across Africa should follow our news and updates, as we will be launching in countries across the continent over the coming months.

WellCrop Global: Farming as Nature Intended |

GrowPro: Organic Soil Enhancer, available now

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