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Zambia Smallholder Training & Distribution

Smallholder Farmers in Africa have been promised the earth by many products, with disappointing results.

At Wellcrop we know the farmers family relies on their harvest to survive so we are supplying thousands of 10x10 GrowPro sample packs to enable the farmers to see first hand what this product can do for them, to increase their yields and income.

Many farmers are shocked that the product can be purchased at nearly half the price of chemical fertilizers and yet deliver so many benefits.

In the picture below, you can see Chipata farmers at our field day, including awareness training and sample distribution.

At the field day, we also showed farmers a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, along with videos of our product, including At A Glance and Application Guide.

All farmers who attended the field day will be contacted by our team on a regular basis to see how they are getting on and to offer any assistance if it's needed

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