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100% Organic Soil Enhancers, Fertilisers & Crop Care Solutions

Organic Soil Enhancers:

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Organic Soil Enhancer: Climate Smart Growth Formula
Easy to use, water soluble and lightweight, GrowPro Organic Soil Enhancer is a natural blend of microbes. It enables plants to use all of the nutrients available in the soil and air to grow crops naturally, chemical free and with greater yields. 

Suitable for all crops except legumes.
For legume crops, please see our separate product, GrowPro Legume. 
Natural UREA
Easy to use and lightweight, Nitrogen Plus provides plants with a quality supply of nitrogen via microbes to grow crops naturally, chemical free and with greater yields. Our formula is designed for optimal Nitrogen production even with sub-optimal temperature and pH.
Organic N.P.K Fertiliser
Our Natural N.P.Ks are scientifically formulated complete fertilisers which deliver high feeds of N,P,K (Group 1), plus minor and micro nutrients for productivity and quality. They have a low humus content and the organic nutrients are slowly released. Our organic materials originate from Animal & Plant sources and natural mineral deposits.

Crop Care Solutions:


A dextrose based product, easy to use and water soluble, SafeGrow is our proprietary blend of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria microbes and fungus. It controls almost all fungus and induces immunity against pests and insects as well as relieving environmental stress, helping plants grow faster and healthier naturally, minimising the risk of fungul disease and pests.

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