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WellCrop...Farming As Nature Intended

We care about AGRICULTURE, CLIMATE CHANGE, THE FARMER and most importantly, PROFIT for the entire value chain.

We provide farmers with a gateway to a SUSTAINABLE future, utilising natural ingredients which have been here all along.

We are a microbial technology company developing microbial crop solutions for the agricultural industry. We identify the optimal collection of microbes and nutrients to produce high quality inputs and crop care products, creating sustainable farming practices, as well as helping the environment.

We are committed to improving the productivity and profit for farmers, providing affordable and chemical free products. We work closely with certified NGO’s and Co-ops to ensure farmers receive a service which matches the quality of our crop solutions.


Easy to use, water soluble and lightweight, our organic soil enhancer is a natural blend of microbes. It helps plants use all of the nutrients available in the soil and air to grow crops naturally, chemical free and with greater yields. GrowPro can be used to grow any type of crop.


Biological Nitrogen Fixation Converts atmospheric nitrogen into organic compounds, allowing the plant to take in Nitrogen as a food source, optimizing plant growth and development.

Phosphate Solubilization Solubilizes bound phosphate in the soil and makes it available for uptake by plants. Promotes early root formation and growth, improves quality of fruits, vegetables and grains, helps plants survive in harsh weather conditions and increases water retention.

Potash Mobilization Mobilizes the potash present in soil and makes it available for plant uptake, promoting further growth.

Mobilization and Mineralization Mobilizes and mineralizes soil nutrients such as sulfur, magnesium and calcium into a form that is easily used by the plant.

Soil Restoration

Rejuvenates the soil and maintains its health rather than depleting the Earth’s nutrients like traditional chemical fertilizers. Unlike inorganic fertilizers, our product will not wash away in heavy rains. GrowPro's microbes continue to populate, increasing and maintaining the nutrient health of the soil. Once applied to the soil, the microbial network introduced by GrowPro naturally multiplies and increases the health of the soil and plant, creating deeper and denser root systems.

  • 15-30% Yield Increase

  • Increases Soil Health

  • Larger and Deeper Root Systems

  • 30% Water Saving

  • Easy To Use

  • Climate Smart

OPPAZ maize field (day 40 growth) treated with GrowPro in Kafue, Zambia.

For more information, get in touch with us at

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